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After many years of practising, researching and coaching leadership, we've distilled this very broad discipline into the 6 pillars described below. These are the inner dynamics of leadership and they're all about the way you feel towards, think about and perceive yourself, your people and your organisation. They make the difference between ordinary and Leadership ]Inside Out[


Why You Do What You Do
We all have a desire to achieve, from just getting by to being the best we can be. But just how clearly do we feel this sense of purpose and which areas of our lives does it inspire?


Knowing Where You're Going
Vision is so intrinsic to leadership that it's safe to say you can't be a leader without a vision. Here we assess how effective your vision is and its impact on your team or organisation.


Organisational Behaviour
Culture, as the collective behaviour of your team or organisation, is felt and experienced, not defined or designed. Understanding culture is critical to your leadership.


Empowering Others
Delegation requires far more than just handing out tasks to your people. Real delegation liberates your people to grow, your team to develop and your organisation to scale. Delegation is empowerment.


Personal Wholeness
True Integrity goes much deeper than just telling the truth. It's about being true to yourself. When you reference yourself in this way, vision and judgement become clearer and everything else falls into place.


Bouncing Back from Adversity
We all get knocked off-balance on occasion, but how quickly can you fully recover and minimise the fallout? The key is realising that no one else is responsible for how you feel.

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